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Summary[edit | edit source]

Once a human is infected with the H1Z1 Virus, their health begins to decline rapidly. If not maintained the player will die quickly.
In the case of NPCs, they will become full-fledged zombies. This has all happened before the players role in the world.

Types[edit | edit source]

As the H1Z1 virus progresses and evolves, the infected host will mutate and assume different appearances and abilities.

There are 4 different stages of progress once infected:

All of these stages are capable of damaging the player and passing along the virus. To treat the level of H1Z1 infection, find, craft and consume medicines.

Screamer Mutation[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the outbreak of the virus, containment was attempted. The infected were restrained and put in quarantine. Inevitably they broke loose, whether by mistake or purposely, nobody is sure. What is for sure is that these zombies are responsible for the havoc in our world today.
When the player encounters a screamer zombie that has not been aggro'd yet, they will be resting on their knees, breathing heavily. Once you have their attention, they will run in your direction and scream very loudly, hence their name. This screaming will attract other zombies, and very quickly, you may find yourself overwhelmed. Be careful.
Once you start attacking the screamer zombie, their restraints will break and they will be free to flail around and hurt you back.
This mutation is difficult to hit. Make your first shot count.

Gasser Mutation[edit | edit source]

Once the H1Z1 virus has a host it will begin to mutate, as to spread itself and destroy everything. Its first real mutation is giving the host the ability to excrete a noxious gas that will choke the player and infect basic zombies.
Once the player begins their attack on a gasser zombie, it will quickly become desperate to spread. The amount of gas they release will increase until several meters of space is contaminated. The gas expelled also obscures vision, like a smoke grenade. Don't get trapped inside.
If you do not kill this strain quickly enough it will explode. Which leads to the next mutation.

Exploder Mutation[edit | edit source]

The final stage of the virus' evolution is a unique trait that allows it's host to destroy itself in an explosion that spreads the virus over a large radius.
When a player is spotted by this strain, they will be pursued until they stand still long enough for the zombie to crouch and blow up. The blast does damage to the player. The mist of blood and guts covers the player and infects them with the H1Z1 virus. Surrounding zombies that are hit have a chance of picking up the exploding trait and detonating as well.

Detection[edit | edit source]

Zombies are infected humans. They can find you just as you find them. Though sight, sound, smell, or touch. Although, their abilities are stronger than yours and they might be able to sense you through walls and other objects.
Being motionless or making a very speedy getaway are the only good ways of escaping. But even then, you're not guaranteed to survive.

Defence[edit | edit source]

All zombies can be killed in the same ways. Punch them, run them over with your vehicle, cut them, shoot them, or blow them up. Just be quick.