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The world of H1Z1 is set after the H1Z1 virus devastated mankind and left nothing but death and destruction in its wake.

Civilization lies in ruins, and the few people who remain conduct ruthless struggle for survival against extinction, struggling with hordes of living dead infected with the virus, other survivors who resorted to banditry, wildlife, and the elements. Pockets of survivors in rural areas are coming together to fight common enemies, while others venture into the world alone. In a world gone to hell, the remnants of humanity have learned to scavenge, live on the land and create and maintain what is needed for survival.

Setting[edit | edit source]

The game world is set in a fictional, post-apocalyptic United States. It is initially centered around a rural "Anywhere, USA", spanning 64 square kilometers to begin with (Just short of 25 square miles).

It will expand outwards during Early Access and then throughout the lifetime of the game. Currently the developers are working on tools that will give them the option to extend the map up to 16,000 square kilometers (128 km x 128 km) in size.

The world is be made of small towns, the team said that right now they don't have large cities, but they will be able to add them. John Smedley said that they will have large towns and military bases. In random spots of the map there will be small camps where people tried to survive there, but the developers have stated that it is entirely up to the players on how much they want to build, or how far they wish to expand the new world.

Environment[edit | edit source]

At this stage, the environment is composed of a diversity of flora, varying from wide ranging grassed savannas to densely wooded forests.

The landscape includes a series of valleys, bridges, unkempt infrastructure, thin forests and rivers.

weather: Rain, overcast, fog and even snow. All of this affects the state of the character. For example, if it freezes, your character may fall ill. In order to keep warm, you need to build a fire or find a warm shelter.

The players need to hunt or forage for supplies in order to survive.

Day/Night Cycle[edit | edit source]

(All times are unofficial, gleaned from in-game observation)
0:00 - The sun rises in the east.
2:11 - The moon can no longer be seen, it disappears in the west.
21:18 - The sun reaches its zenith in the south. (Midday)
40:00 - The moon becomes visible in the southeast.
42:37 - The sun sets in the west, the night begins.
57:19 - The moon reaches its zenith in the south. (Midnight)
1:12:02 - The sun rises again.

Day = 42:37
Night = 29:25

For the purposes of this article, "Day" is defined from the moment the sun becomes visible until the moment it is no longer visible. "Night" is defined as vice versa.

Navigation[edit | edit source]

Obviously, having a compass is the easiest way to navigate and orientate in the game world.

The player can use celestial objects for navigation. The sun and the moon in the game rise in a general easterly direction, peak in the southern sky, and set in the west. At or near midday / midnight the shadows will point you north.

Because H1Z1 is set in the United States, the game world lies on the Northern Hemisphere. This means that the sun will always be in the southern half of the sky. While the moon doesn't act this way in real life, it does do so in H1Z1.

The player can type in the server command /loc to print out current game world coordinates, expressed as x, y and z coordinates. The headings for the cardinal points are:

  • North: 1.5
  • East: 0
  • South: -1.5
  • West: 3

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