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Weather is a feature in H1Z1.

Weather is a dynamic system that simulates weather conditions and time of day, and plays an active and integral part in a player's chances of survival.

Weather can change how well a player can see in-game, and it masks and enhances sounds. Sight-tracking enemies and players may have a more difficult time during a foggy morning, and hearing zombies might be muffled by a down-pour of rain. This could be advantageous to some, as it allows players to sneak up on others, or stay hidden from predators. Additionally, exposure to the elements might have adverse impact on your health.

Weather conditions are server controlled and synced across all clients, so all players experience the same weather conditions. Currently, each in-game day, the game will select an assortment of factors that will govern the weather for that particular day. Rather than having scripted weather types that the game cycles through, this will allow the game to craft a more realistic portrayal of weather adding a sense of uncertainty and unpredictability[1].

It was stated that the weather is configurable on each individual server. There can be a server with 365 day weather with seasons and 24 hour day/night, a server with 4 seasons in a week, or a server where the weather changes every time the server day/night cycles. It's really up to the players based on each server ruleset[2].

Day/Night Cycle[edit | edit source]

(All times are unofficial, gleaned from in-game observation)
0:00 - The sun rises in the east.
2:11 - The moon can no longer be seen, it disappears in the west.
21:18 - The sun reaches its zenith in the south. (Midday)
40:00 - The moon becomes visible in the southeast.
42:37 - The sun sets in the west, the night begins.
57:19 - The moon reaches its zenith in the south. (Midnight)
1:12:02 - The sun rises again.

Day = 42:37
Night = 29:25

For the purposes of this article "Day" is defined from the moment the sun becomes visible until the moment it is no longer visible. "Night" is defined as vice versa.

Weather conditions[edit | edit source]

  • Cloudy - Varies over time and has an effect on visibility
  • Rain - Rainfall effects both on the ground and on the players clothing. Limits visibility.
  • Snow - Snowfall effects both on the ground and on the players clothing. Not currently in-game.
  • Fog - Low-lying clouds, limiting visibility.
  • Lightning -

Temperature[edit | edit source]

Ambient environmental temperature will affect the player's core temperature at some point in the game's future. Getting wet and being cold will have adverse effects on your character health, including susceptibility to disease and slower healing rates. If it gets cold at night, you will need to keep warm through shelter, fires, or other means.

References[edit | edit source]