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Vehicles are a feature in H1Z1.

Vehicles are machines that can be used as means of transportation. They allow players to travel or transport cargo from place to place much faster. There are also salvageable vehicles that can be found in various states of damage, with various parts missing or broken.

Vehicles can provide great speed and cargo capacity benefits, and they can be used for cover and to run down enemies provided that the speed of the vehicle is enough to deal sufficient damage. However, they make you a very visible target, require fuel and maintenance in order for the player to operate them, and due to their size, might have trouble to maneuver in tight spaces.

Vehicle Types[edit | edit source]

Currently there are four types of vehicles available:

Vehicle Parts[edit | edit source]

Vehicles require a minimum amount of fuel to be able to drive with. Biofuel fills up to 25% fuel while ethanol fills up to 50% fuel.

To start the motor, players can try to hotwire it or use a vehicle key.

Furthermore, vehicles have their own loadout slots to equip with parts fitting the vehicle type: