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H1Z1 is an upcoming sandbox massively multiplayer online (MMO) game developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment and expected to be released sometime in 2014 for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. Announced in April 2014,the game is a sandbox post zombie apocalypse survival game set in the United States where players will interact with resources and other players in one persistent big world to build shelters and weapons, and to survive. The gameplay emphasizes on multi-player cooperation, trading, and team/clan/group-building. It will follow a free-to-play model and the developers will be supported through microtransactions, though as of April 2014,an early access program on the Steam platform is set to be released sometime in 2014 where people will only be able to play if they have pay to get a founder's pack as a way to enter the alpha/beta.A public discussion regarding the game has been initiated by SOE's president John Smedley on Reddit( The game was also displayed to the masses through livestreams on Twitch along with a ten hour marathon livestream of the gameplay where a lot of information about the game was given to the players along with the release of a gameplay trailer.

The official website ( as of 09.05.2014 still contains no further information about the game. In an interview with Adam Clegg from SOE it was made clear that unlike other zombie MMO games the main focus will be on surviving against the zombies through team-work with other players, and not mainly a PvP environment with a zombie backdrop. Sony has also declared that the environment will be greatly interactable with players being able to burn buildings, other players etc along with the ability to drive. It has also been made clear that weapons will not be easily available for the players and the same for the bullets.

There was a slight turbulence in the community when the game was announced to be free to play as the community saw that as a way to make the game pay to win if players were able to buy things using real life cash. However, this confusion was cleared when SOE announced that purely cosmetic items would be available through the micro transactions. It was also announced that upon killing another player, another player would be able to use his items for a short period of time before the item decayed and was no longer usable. The original items (those bought with real money) would be retained by the owner upon re-spawn.