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Syringe of H1Z1 Reducer

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Syringe of H1Z1 Reducer
Syringe Of H1Z1 Reducer.pngBulk: 1
An antiviral drug designed to inhibit the development of specific viruses. It is rumored that this drug was intended to combat the H1Z1 infection.

[Minor health restoration]

[Greatly pushes back the H1Z1 virus progression]

Craftable, Materials, Medical, Quest
Max Stack:
Single Use:
1 × Vial of H1Z1 Reducer
1 × Empty Syringe

Syringe of H1Z1 Reducer is an item found in H1Z1.

The effects when used:

  • Minor instant health restoration
  • Greatly reduces the progress of H1Z1 virus

Crafting Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Syringe of H1Z1 Reducer can be crafted, using the following crafting ingredients:

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