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The player UI in H1Z1 is intended to be as minimal as possible. At this point in game development, it is made up of the following screen sections:

  • Inventory
  • System Messages
  • Health Bars
  • Actions Hot Bar
  • Text Chat and Notifications Area

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Player UI: Inventory

You can open the inventory screen by pressing the inventory key, by default set to Tab or I. The inventory screen has a left pane, a center pane and a right pane.

Left Pane[edit | edit source]

Player UI: Inventory - Left Pane

The left pane of the inventory main screen has 2 parts. The top part is used for Proximity and the bottom is used for the Account Inventory.

Proximity[edit | edit source]

Player UI: Inventory - Left Pane - Proximity Items
Player UI: Inventory - Left Pane - Inspected Container

This contains the following:

  • Proximity Items: These are items that are in the vicinity of the player character.
  • Inspected Container: The container that can be | currently is being inspected near the player character.

Account Inventory[edit | edit source]

Player UI: Inventory - Left Pane - Account Inventory with Account Items

This contains the Account Items, downloaded content items that are bound to a player account and are accessible across all game servers.

Account items include, but are not limited to:

Center Pane[edit | edit source]

Player UI: Inventory - Center Pane

The center pane of the inventory main screen has the following underlying screens:

Vehicle Loadout[edit | edit source]

Player UI: Center Pane - Vehicle Loadout Tab

If the player is in a vehicle, the vehicle loadout tab will appear before the loadout tab and will become the default tab while in the vehicle.

The vehicle resources (Health, Fuel) are displayed at the top left in percentages.

At the top right, the vehicle type name (OffRoader, PoliceCar, ...) is displayed.

At the bottom left, an icon shows whether the vehicle is locked or not.

The vehicle item slots are displayed at the right:

  • Boost
  • Headlights
  • Battery
  • Spark Plugs
  • Motor
  • HotWire

Loadout[edit | edit source]

Player UI: Inventory - Center Pane - Loadout Tab

The loadout tab is the default tab. It shows player info and equipped gear.

At the top, the player's name is displayed.

At the left side, the player's current level of health, stamina, energy and hydration is expressed in percentages.

At the bottom, when the player is in a restricted area or near a POI (Point of Interest), the name of the location the player currently is at is displayed.

At the right side there are 3 weapon slots (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) and 2 item slots (Item 1, Item 2).

In the middle, a mannequin represents the player.

The player has the following slots available:

  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Head
  • Chest Armor
  • Chest*
  • Back*
  • Hands
  • Belt*
  • Legs*
  • Feet

*: These item slots have their own storage space that the player can use to hold items.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Player UI: Inventory - Center Pane - Crafting Tab

The crafting tab allows the player to craft items.

At the top, the player can filter the recipes that need to be displayed and choose whether to show only craftable recipes or to show all discovered recipes. The available filters are "All", "Campfire/Cooking", "Furnace", "Housing", "Subcomponent", "Survival" and "Weapons".

At the left side, a list of either all either filtered recipes are displayed.

At the right side, after selecting a recipe from the filters dropdown, an image of the craftable item with a description and the required ingredients and tools to craft the recipe is displayed.

At the bottom to the right, the player can set the amount of items to craft from a selected recipe when clicking the button labeled "Craft" next to it or clicking the button labeled "Craft Max" to craft the maximum amount of the item.

Discovery[edit | edit source]

Player UI: Inventory - Center Pane - Discovery Tab

The discovery tab shows 4 ingredient slots. The player can select inventory items to discover new crafting recipes.

When a recipe can be discovered from the selected ingredients, a text notifying this will be displayed.

When a new recipe can be learned, a button labeled "Discover" will light up. Click it to discover the recipe.

Radio[edit | edit source]

Player UI: Inventory - Center Pane - Radio Tab

The radio tab shows a single item slot that can be equipped with an emergency crank radio. Once equipped with an emergency crank radio, the player can use it to listen in or communicate with other survivors that also have it equipped.

Turn the radio on and off by clicking the power button shown at the left side.

Next to the power button is a CB radio channel switch to change the current channel, shown in green LED. There are 40 channels available. Choose a channel for broadcasting or listening to.

The player can talk through the radio while pressing by default 7. A small radio icon with the player's name will be displayed within the notifications section in the player's main screen while talking.

Group[edit | edit source]

Player UI: Inventory - Center Pane - Group Tab

The group tab allows for players to manage or view the group that they are member off.

To talk with group members, press the hotkey Numpad 1.

On top is a checkbox to switch either on or off the ability to group and automatically refuse invites from other players to form a group / squad.

The player can invite an other player to form a group / squad. Type in the player character's name and then click the button labeled "Invite" next to it.

When the player is member of a group / squad, the names of all other members will be shown.

To the right, depending if the player is group / squad leader or not, a column of buttons will be shown for actions to do with the group / squad:

  • Disband
  • Quit

Right Pane[edit | edit source]

Player UI: Inventory - Right Pane

On the right side of the inventory main screen is the actual inventory itself. This is where all of the player items are stored once they are picked up.

Inventory Item Containers[edit | edit source]

Player UI: Inventory - Right Pane - Inventory Item Containers

The inventory pane is split up into equipped items (inventory item containers) that have storage space.

Clicking the arrow at the top left corner in the right pane will allow the player to choose how their inventory icons are displayed / arrange:

  • Icons only
  • List
  • 2 columns
  • 3 columns

Inventory item containers include:

Leaving the player with a maximum holding capacity of 2200 bulk.

System Messages[edit | edit source]

Player UI: System Messages

At the top-center of the screen, system messages are displayed for a brief period of time. At this time, there are six types of messages a player will receive:

  • Picked up items
  • Group invites
  • Random gifts
  • Server restart messages
  • Banned player messages
  • King Of The Kill messages

HUD[edit | edit source]

Player UI: Health Bars

The player's HUD is displayed in the lower right corner of the Player UI main screen. It shows the following information.

Player status[edit | edit source]

At the top, the player's current status is notified above the health meters. Possible player states that are shown:

  • Tired*
  • Exhausted*
  • Starving*
  • Dehydrated*
  • BEES!
  • You got terrorized!*
  • Comfort ++
  • Healing
  • Bleeding

*: These status notifications are also shown in the notifications, at the bottom left corner, when they first occur.

As you continue your game play and inevitably get bitten by a zombie, the player will get infected with the H1Z1 virus. Once infected, the player will receive notifications on the state of progress of the infection:

  • H1Z1 Minor
  • H1Z1 Advanced
  • H1Z1 Severe
  • H1Z1 Deadly

Position[edit | edit source]

The player's current map grid location is shown in the HUD. Press M to open the player's map.

Health meters[edit | edit source]

The player's current health is shown in the HUD. The player has 5 base health meters:

  • Health meter: Acts like a blood meter. Depletes when hit in combat, by falling damage, when starving from hunger and thirst or severely|deadly infected.
  • Stamina meter: Acts like a tiredness meter. Determines how long and how many actions the player can perform. Depletes when sprinting.
  • Energy meter: Acts like a hunger meter. Consume food or stimulants to influence the meter.
  • Hydration meter: Acts like a thirst meter. Drink water to influence the meter.
  • Comfort meter: Acts like a temperature meter. Condition of worn clothing and weather influences this.

Hot Bar[edit | edit source]

Player UI: Hot Bar - Weapon slot 1 - Fists

The hot bar is visible at the bottom in the center of the screen. It has 6 available slots. 4 are used to equip weapons and 2 are used to equip items:

  • 1 is bound with your bare fists as weapon.
  • 2, 3, 4 can be bound with your primary, secondary and tertiary weapon of choice.
  • 5 and 6 are item slots (non-weapon) to be used with tactical flashlight, binoculars and bandage.

When an equipped item is in use, the actions hot bar will fade-out and be replaced with an ammunition count if applicable.

Player UI: Hot Bar - Weapon slot

Text Chat & Notifications Area[edit | edit source]

Chat & Notifications Area
The text chat and notifications area can be seen in the bottom left corner of the screen. To start chatting to any player on the server, press Enter to place the cursor. Type text and press Enter to send.
Above the chat is the notifications area. It some player status changes and other interactions.