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H1Z1 will be run on the Free-to-Play model (F2P) but will generate revenue using the Daybreak Cash (DB) store, known as a Cash Shop which will be modeled in the following way:

  1. This game is NOT pay-to-win.
  2. We will be selling wearables. We felt like this will be a good, fair revenue generator. However - we recognize how important finding wearables in the world is so you'll be able to find and craft a lot of stuff. We agree that's something important. We've also come up with a pretty awesome idea to let players who kill other players loot stuff. So if a player has a black ski mask and gets killed by another player, that player can wear the ski mask for a few deaths (we have durability in the game. Daybreak Cash wearables won't degrade at all but when you loot something.. it will degrade. Please note the original player always keeps their SC purchased wearables. This gives the great feeling of whacking some unsuspecting fool who decided to bring a knife to a gun fight.
  3. We will NOT be selling Guns, Ammo, Food, Water... i.e. That's kind of the whole game and it would suck in our opinion if we did that. It would make the H1Z1 a Pay-To-Win game.
  4. Nor will we sell boosts that will impact #2.
  5. Emote Pack - of course we'll have the basics for free. But we felt like this is another good and fair revenue generator.
  6. Character slots - feels reasonable.
  7. Crates - You can find crates sometimes in game. They're filled with random cool stuff from the store. We're considering letting you see what's in them before you buy a key (ala Dota 2.). This idea isn't fully locked yet.

Daybreak Game Company (DGC) have also revealed that they are looking at releasing a H1Z1 comic book,or the Hizzy comic as its being referred to, whilst this is not a direct revenue collection system for the game it will play an important part in the games Lore and will possibly increase the commercial longevity of H1Z1.

On January 9th, 2015 H1Z1's Steam store page went public. It's stated that players will be able to purchase early access beginning on January 15th, in two separate bundles:

The Standard Edition Bundle for $19.99 which contains:

The Premium Edition Bundle for $39.99 which contains:


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