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Annotated map
Topographical map
Stitched game map

It has been confirmed that there will be no "safe zones" in the map, it will be a fight for survival from the moment you spawn.

The developers have noted that during the games production they researched the real life island of Poveglia (see Lore) in the Venetian lagoon extensively which was used as a plague colony in the 18 th century and have stated that this factors into the lore of the game. It is rumoured that the island shown in the northern lake on the map is the developers version of Poveglia and will be the site of the initial H1Z1 outbreak.
Initially, while in pre-alpha, the H1Z1 world map was expanded by about 10% each week (according to Matt Broome of Sony Online Entertainment) and keeping with that pace was the plan for most of early access. This was proven to be a heavy task when work on the combat and body-sim was still underway. Further expansion to the map was officially postponed on August 12th, 2015, until further notice.
In the mean time, work on the map in it's current size will continue. Player can expect to see improvements in the following areas.

  • Environmental
You should expect fully fleshed out deciduous forests, and unique flora for the grasslands. No more fields of only blackberries, and no more isolated orange trees. Our plan has been to have around 3 unique flora biomes, and now we can go tackle the last two.
No more blobby green hills and blobby brown mountains. We should be able to give them a little more character, so you’ll be able to use the mountains for wayfinding a bit better.
  • Points-Of-Interest
All three towns will be scaled up (some more than others) to feel like more dense urban areas. Expect grids of city streets, alleys between the buildings, and lots of nooks and crannies.
All the major POIs in the map (like the suburban developments, cabins, or Zimms) will be rehauled with exciting new shaders we developed for the city zone. What that means for you is the game will look a lot better, and run a lot better.
The map layout as a whole will change for the better. How many of you really end up going to Ranchito Taquito? It’s in a weird spot, we can move it now so that the dynamic between the three towns is improved.
Using the aforementioned shaders, we’ll be able to make some proper street signs everywhere. Now you can tell your friends to meet you on the corner of 5th and Broadway, and it will make sense

Server commands

  • To get your coordinates : /loc
  • To respawn: /respawn



Dragon Lake / Eastwood Stop / Ranchito Taquito / The Villas Development


Humperdink Gorge / Pleasant Valley


Bubbas Truck Stop / Cranberry / De Soto Service Stop / Lone Pine Development / Misty Peak Dam / Ohlone Circle / Opfer Wilderness Camp / Ruby Lake


Bumjick Farms / Hemingway Truck Stop / K69.0FM Radio Station / Runamok Campsite / Wake Hills Hamlet

Other maps