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H1Z1 Lore

The first information of the lore was revealed by Daybreak Game Company on 15 May 2014 during an almost two hour YouTube livestream broadcast titled "Survivor Radio"[1], giving some background story to the game through the voice of an H1Z1 survivor, who appears to be a journalism student named David David Kennedy or nicknamed "Double D Kennedy". During the livestream broadcast, Double D comments how he traveled through the infected country and met with other fellow survivors in search for an answer. He documented his meetings with a couple of key survivors and recorded the interviews on tape. The broadcast is also available on Twitch TV.[2]

Lore and timeline[edit | edit source]

The H1Z1 virus devastated mankind and left nothing but death and destruction in its wake and a world nearly empty of human life, where the remnants of humanity are in a fight against extinction against those infected with the virus. It's been months since H1Z1 was first encountered and what's left of the world before, is overrun with the infected. Humanity has been reduced to hiding in the shadows, searching desperately for food and water and anything that can help to survive even for another day.

There isn't any known official explanation for what happened and how. What we know, has been gathered from old media clips and recordings that were made right before everything went to shit and based on survivor accounts.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Poveglia, Venice, Italy

This is information found on a memo written by Sherri Easton, outlining the believed origin and cause of the H1Z1 outbreak.[3]:

... ORIGIN - Poveglia, the island located in the Venetian Lagoon seems to have played an integral part in the origin of the virus. In 1776 the island came under the jurisdiction of the Magistrato alla Sanità (Public Health Office), and became a check point for all goods and people coming to and going from Venice by ship. In 1793, there were several cases of the plague on two ships, and consequently the island was transformed into a temporary confinement station for the ill; this role became permanent in 1805, under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte.It is believed that strands of the plague survived and mutated on this island through the centuries. The station was closed in 1814. In the 20th century the island was again used as a quarantine station, but in 1922, the existing buildings were converted into a hospital for the mentally ill and for long-term care. In 1945 during World War 2 American soldiers were in Venice. It is believed the virus may have been picked up by soldiers here and brought home where it lay dormant for years. This went on until 1968, when the hospital was closed, and the island, was completely abandoned. ...

First outbreaks[edit | edit source]

Later BBC news reports of the virus in the early 2000's state that it may have been accidentally released in either Cambodia or Mexico. More information regarding the first H1Z1 outbreaks was taken from a deleted post found on the BBC website[4]. The alleged news, copied into another website, ended by reporting that Richard Besser was pounced by a CNN correspondent, which was later known to be infected with H1Z1. Even though the H1Z1 was found to be "related" to H1N1, because the former is a mutation of the latter, an H1Z1 infection causes immediate death to the individual. Symptoms were found similar: fever, cough, colds, and others; but the H1Z1 infection always lead to a faster death. After the demise, the victim will resurrect from the death after a maximum of two hours. The victim will behave in an extremely violent way, which was known to be a combination of brain damage and effects of the release of several chemicals and "death hormones" during resurrection. The company Kurama Pharmaceuticals is suspected to have played a major part in the virus outbreak, although exactly what part is unsure at the moment.

BBC News outbreak map

Mexico: 168 suspected deaths - 8 confirmed - 12 zombies
United States: 1 death, at least 91 confirmed cases
New Zealand: 13 confirmed cases
Canada: 19 confirmed cases
United Kingdom: 5 confirmed cases
Spain: 10 confirmed case
Germany: 3 confirmed cases
Israel & Costa Rica: 2 confirmed cases each
The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria & Peru: 1 confirmed case each

Then again, according to the information found on the memo written by Sherri Easton, alleged health officials of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention held an emergency midnight meeting on 29 April 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia and declared that the H1Z1 virus spread is more intense and effective than H1N1 (Swine Flu)[3]:

...FIRST OUTBREAKS - Unfortunately several countries have had citizens visit the island over the years. These visits along with the virus being dormant not eradicated lead to the "H1Z1 Hoax of 2009". On the onset of 2009 flu pandemic when the World Health Organization raised pandemic alert from 4 to 5, a student in Mexico described that the fear of having H1N1 disease is like being in horror movies that feature zombies. This is because they do not know who could carry the virus. On April 2009, after the first death due to H1N1 was reported in Mexico, the same student wrote an article on the disease. He said on his website, that a zombism outbreak occurred in a small unnamed district in London, United Kingdom. The zombism outbreak was due to the mutation of H1N1 virus into a more novel and complex H1Z1, which made infected individuals grow zombie-like. Apart from the H1N1 pandemic, the student was inspired by a news article from "legitimate" BBC dated April 25, 2005, which reported zombism among Cambodian troops in a north-eastern military village of Quan'sul, near Laos.[5] These articles were deemed a hoax and discredited by Governments and dismissed by the general public. However the student was not entirely wrong. The virus, after mutating from the plagues of the 1700's, mutated again during the 1950's, and was contracted by many of the patients staying at the mental illness hospital before it closed and the patients were sent home in 1968. Because of their extended stay on the island the patients were unknowingly transformed into carriers of the disease. Once back in their respective countries they interacted with people and animals and this caused the virus to mutate into its final aggressive state which is when it became known as H1Z1. Countries and regions first affected by the H1Z1 virus in 2009 were: London, Cambodia, Netherlands, Ghana, China, United States, Canada, Israel, Latin America, and Europe. Because of this imminent "spread", on April 29, 2009, health officials of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention held an emergency midnight meeting on Atlanta, Georgia declaring H1Z1 virus spread is more intense and effective than H1N1. There were no major outbreaks reported after 2009 publicly. And CDC and other major disease control agencies began researching the virus and contracted several major pharmaceutical companies to begin research and development for a vaccine to counteract the virus in case of future outbreaks. This is when the events that would bring the end of the world began ...

Government Action[edit | edit source]

Not long after the H1Z1 virus was discovered, the United States government was placed on a pandemic alert. After the infected began to rise in numbers, a state of emergency was announced. The President ordered martial law immediately. The United States Army was deployed into large cities. Evacuation centers were created along highways and rural areas. The United States co-operated with F.E.M.A, The C.D.C, and other organizations.

Collapse[edit | edit source]

The United States Government quickly lost control of the situation. The infected had risen in numbers sharply and quickly overpowered the Army. Many large cities were bombed by the air force. Looting began in stores and rioting escalated to an uncontrollable level. Within a few short months, all American civilization collapsed. Very few humans survived the plague.

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References[edit | edit source]

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