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Items can be found in H1Z1.

The player can search the world for supplies. There are many items in the game, and they can be used for survival. The player can find items in most buildings. Most items spawn in places where it is natural that they would be located. For example, weapons and ammunition can be found in a police station, food can be found at a supermarket, and metal can be found in cars.

The developers have mentioned that all items available in the game spawn somewhere, it's a case of finding it. Some items will be on a timed spawn, and will only spawn a certain number of times per day, but the developers have said that they are using a smarter item spawn system, so if an item is supposed to spawn inside a house, but the system notes it has spawned in the same place too many times, it will re-spawn the item elsewhere. This mean that just because someone has just been seen leaving a building, it does not mean that it is not worth investigating said house for spawned items, simply because of this system. This will also cut down on the number of people trying to camp certain spawn sites for better items.

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