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H1Z1 is an upcoming MMO open-world survival video game developed and published by Daybreak Game Company (DGC). The game expected to be initially released in Early Access on Windows PC, with PlayStation 4 releases to follow.

The game is set within a post-apocalyptic world, some time after the H1Z1 virus has decimated humanity and focuses on the player's fight for day to day survival. It deals with everything from simple actions like finding food and water or shelter in a land filled with infected zombies to the interaction between other players and the chance to forge new alliances or make new enemies. The main focus of the game is for you to survive and how far would you be willing to go to stay alive.

The game was announced in April 2014. Originally, it was going to be a free-to-play model and the developers were going to be supported through microtransactions. As of January 2015, an Early Access page for the game was released on Steam. Early Access is set to be released on January 15th where people will be able to play if they choose to purchase a founder's pack. A public discussion regarding the game has been initiated by DGC's president John Smedley on Reddit. The dev team is making progress updates through livestreams on Twitch, including a ten hour marathon livestream of the gameplay where a lot of information about the game was given to the players along with the release of a gameplay trailer. Unfortunately however, as of the game split update that happened in February of 2016, the developers no longer have any plans for making the game free-to-play and H1Z1 will most likely remain paid for.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game is a sandboxed post-apocalypse zombie survival game said to take place in "Anywhere, USA". Players will explore diverse areas, interact with resources and other players in one persistent big world to build shelters and weapons, and to survive. The gameplay emphasizes on multi-player cooperation, trading, and team/clan/group-building.

In an interview with Adam Clegg from DGC it was made clear that unlike other zombie MMO games the main focus will be on surviving against the zombies through team-work with other players, and not mainly a PvP environment with a zombie backdrop. DGC has also declared that the environment will be greatly interactable with players being able to burn buildings, other players etc along with the ability to drive vehicles. It has also been made clear that weapons will not be easily available for the players and the same goes for the bullets.

In the game there is no promotion of the character to the next levels of experience and skills. Furthermore, a character's death is permanent. On death, players start all over from the beginning. H1Z1 game is characterized by a dark climate and atmosphere of terror. We can experience the game from a first or third-person (FPP / TPP) perspective.

Game Engine and Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The game employs DGC's "ForgeLight engine" which in turn uses nVidia's PhysX API for its physics engine. This enables more realistic vehicle handling compared to DGC's previous title PlanetSide, especially when it comes to flying aircrafts. Weather and day/night cycles are also possible as well as volumetric fog and clouds which players can hide in. Bullets are also simulated by the physics engine so players will need to compensate while aiming. Another improvement over PlanetSide is the introduction of locational damage for players and vehicles (a.k.a. hitboxes). This is customisable by the developers so e.g. shot to the head can have a huge bonus.

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