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Guide and Tips are meant to give players a general overview of H1Z1 and provide them with the information required to survive the zombie apocalypse. It isn't by any means complete and anyone should feel free to add information as they seem fit.

How to survive: Players can follow these tips trying to survive an other day.

Stay Quiet[edit | edit source]

Developers at Daybreak Game Company have made your enemies, alive and undead, react to the sounds you make, and as you might expect, staying quiet is the best way of staying alive.

Maintain a low profile to avoid animals, zombies, and most importantly, other players.

Silent weapons, such as a bow and the wood spear are handy for dispatching enemies at a short to medium distance, and will not attract much attention.

Melee weapons don't require any ammunition, are relatively easy to find or craft, and are also silent. However, players will have to sacrifice some of their comfort zone to throw those brain eaters off their trail.

Scavenging[edit | edit source]

The zombies are done using them, why not take them for yourself? The world is filled with randomly spawning loot just waiting to be discovered, the trick is finding it. The most common places to find loot are in city stores, camper trailers, loot bags and other containers that have been left lying around.

Many ambient crates are destructible and have a chance of dropping loot. Even everyday garbage can be used in one way or another, leave no rock un-turned in your search for supplies. Whatever you don't manage to find, you can eventually craft if you pick up enough parts. Much like other games, a discovery system is in place where you don't know what a specific item combination will create, until you try crafting with them. Check out our Crafting section for information on what you can make in-game.

When a player dies they can turn into a zombie. They are also still carrying most, if not all of the supplies they had at the time of death. Killing zombies can be a good way to score some free loot.

Vehicles and Weapons[edit | edit source]

Get some wheels and guns!: Here's a short list of weapons and vehicles currently available in H1Z1.

Melee weapons[edit | edit source]

Blunt Weapons Sharp Weapons (Bladed/Edged)

Ranged weapons[edit | edit source]

Pistols Rifles Shotguns Explosives / Incendiaries / Tacticals Other projectiles:

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Usable Vehicles Loot-able Wrecked Vehicles
  • Wrecked Sedan
  • Wrecked Truck
  • Wrecked Van

Both vehicles and ranged weapons (that aren't a bow or wood spear), make sounds when used, and will attract zombies and other players, so use them wisely.

Zombies cannot reach you when you are inside a vehicle, but they are an extremely rare, and very sought-after by other players. Don't be surprised when one of them tries to steal it when your back is turned as you vacate and search for supplies.

Vehicles, like weapons needing ammunition, also require certain parts to function properly. While the repair process is rather intuitive, finding such parts is often the biggest challenge.

Homes[edit | edit source]

Find shelter or build it!: If just surviving salvage runs is your first concern, then you needn't yet worry about building your own home yet. On the crafting page players can find various materials to build walls, doors and roofs for in-game housing. Placing and supplying these strongholds is key to maintaining their defense, as notably unnatural landmarks will always attract other players, who are in search of stashed goods and weapons.

Hotkeys/UI Tips (Please Add More!)[edit | edit source]

In-game the player can remap all controls in the settings screen. Alternatively, players can set the keys to bind within the game XML configuration file InputProfile_User.xml that can be found in the game installation folder.

Server commands[edit | edit source]

All server commands begin with  / :

  • /loc - Shows your coordinates. Helpful for linking players up through the use of an online map.
  • /respawn - Immediately kills your character, allowing you to respawn at a random place. (Keep in mind, any item you have on you when you use this command will drop on the ground at your place of death.)

* /afk - ~

  • /friend - A list of friend functions such as the ability to add, remove and see your friends online
  • /squad setowner "player_name" - Make the "player_name" the new owner of the group, allowing him to invite others to group.
  • /say - Equivalent as pressing Enter to open the text chat, then typing in your message and sending it by pressing Enter again.