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Survivors working together.

Groups are bands of survivors that work together to survive in the world that was left decimated after the H1Z1 pandemic. There were no plans to have a faction system in place for the launch of Early Access, but it is expected to be ready for the official launch of the full game.[1]

Working together has its benefits, as groups of survivors can accomplish a lot together as a community, and there is safety in numbers. However, large groups will attract more attention from zombies and could have a harder time finding game to hunt. While having a small army to stand by your side can be nice, there is nothing keeping you from going lone wolf.[2]

In the vast landscape survivors can build shelters. These player-built bases are one of the ways the players can try to carve out some small enclaves or pockets of territory in a dangerous world against an ever present zombie and human threat.[3] Infected towns and cities are almost impossible to capture on your own so a gang to help is the way to go, the more the merrier.

Online Tools[edit | edit source] - This site has unique squad planning tools available.

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