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This article gives an overview of the announced game features in H1Z1. The game is still in development so check the many articles about updates for any recent changes.

Gameplay and Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Survival MMO[edit | edit source]

H1Z1 is a post-apocalyptic MMO in which you must use skill and wit to fight for their lives against a world overrun by zombies.

The game is built with the ForgeLight engine, opening the world to thousands of players on a single server. Explore a huge world with a playable space starting with 64 km2 (8 km x 8 km). Interior and exterior areas will be completely explore-able. Players can scavenge abandoned houses and barricade every building in the world.

Intelligent Undead[edit | edit source]

Always looking for their next meal, your gunshot is the zombie dinner bell.

Zombies are roaming around in the environment and will react to sounds and light, threats and other interactions... Even a single zombie can be a problem, as it may attract the attention of an entire horde.

Base building[edit | edit source]

Protect yourself from the elements, enemies and the ever-impending undead by building a defensible base.

Use many of the same materials for crafting to create walls, barricades, gates and roofs to construct your shelter.

Dynamic Environments[edit | edit source]

Rain, snow, fog, wind and other weather patterns are all dynamically generated and will create unique game-play opportunities. Be careful as darkness falls and the moon rises, zombies might not be the only thing that creeps up on you.

Discovery system[edit | edit source]

Combine scavenged items and other items, obtained through foraging, hunting and farming in the discovery tab to discover recipes to craft new items for survival.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Increase your chances of making it through another day by scavenging for items in the nooks and crannies of society.

Scout the world for materials and craft them into useful tools that will increase your survival chance.

Player and Comfort[edit | edit source]

There’s more to life than just making sure you don’t get eaten by zombies.

One character per server: A player's character can not be transferred between servers. A player needs to create a new character on each server separately.

Persistent character: A player's character's stats and items in the inventory will be saved when you exit the game. A player who logs back in, will have health, items and location all restored.

Human body simulation: A player needs to monitor vitals, impacted by hunger, thirst, comfort and weather to remain healthy by eating enough food for stamina and energy and drinking water for hydration. The game features also a player's fatigue, as when a player's character - awake and active for a certain couple of hours - gets tired. Your character will need to sleep from time by time in a bed or sleeping mat to become well rested. When a character feels tired, it will become slower in movements and while performing practical actions. When your character's very tired and still lacks sleep, the player's stamina gauge will deplete until it reaches 0, causing a deadly immobility.

Permadeath: When a player died, the player's character will have lost all of the items carrying at that moment. A specific server rule exists by which all discovered recipes will also get wiped from memory on death.

Servers & Events[edit | edit source]

Anti-cheating: The same anti-cheating system is used, as the system that is used for the game PlanetSide 2.

World Expansion: When resources dwindle and the environment gets crowded with players, the developers have planned to grow the world as you play. Trying to pass the map frontiers will kill the player eventually, as a character gets 500 damage points / second outside de allowed map zones.

Event: The game includes events as airdrops which contain useful items needed for survival.

Server rules: User-defined server rules and rule sets will be added, allowing players to vote on which type of server they would like to play - from free-for-all PVP to PVE - and alternative server rule sets will offer additional game modes.

Videos[edit | edit source]