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The character creation screen.

The character creation screen is currently limited, although will eventually allow the player to change several aspects of their appearance like skin tone, hair style, hair color, eye color, and face type.

Players can only create a single character on a selected game server. Character creation is done on a one per server basis to prevent server hopping and giving players an unfair advantage over each other.

Select Portrait[edit | edit source]

Players are limited to choose from 6 preset portraits.

Spawning In Just Survive[edit | edit source]

Once the player character has been created, the character is placed into the world at a random location with only a basic set of skills and equipment.

A newly spawned character is equipped with a random t-shirt, a random pair of pants and a pair of grey workboots for clothing and starting with a belt pouch, five gauze, a flashlight, a jagged skinning knife, an improvised compass and a Pleasant Valley Area Map.

Players that died, or that have used the /respawn command, are able to choose their spawning location. They can choose from any grid square across the map, with the exception of the one their character died on.

Spawning In King Of The Kill[edit | edit source]

Character spawns within King of the Kill can vary by game mode. A basic match of Battle Royale with see the player dropped in from the sky with a parachute and they can choose to fly to wherever they want to land. In a game of Ignition, each player is dropped into the world on a parachute randomly placed on the map

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • You can apply cosmetic skins in Battle Royale and Hardcore Battle Royale like you can in the core game.
  • For the (4/2/2015) patch, the alpha male model, dubbed Ivan, was scrapped and replaced with a new model.

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