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Animals are a feature in H1Z1.

Animals come in a variety of shapes and sizes and occupy wild areas throughout the world. Players will be able to domesticate some animals and keep these as pets, transportation or livestock. Animals can cluster together in the environment in packs, herds and flocks.

Predatory animals will attempt to hunt and kill other animals, humans and zombies. All animals can be hunted and killed. Many of these animals can be butchered for meat and skinned for parts, which can be used for multiple purposes.

A list of animals that inhabit the world, including planned and speculated ones for later stages of development, can be viewed below.

Currently In-Game[edit | edit source]


Wolves are predatory and highly territorial animals. Wolves currently do not hunt in groups, but they do that later, relying on speed and their ability to cooperate. They will hunt for other animals like the deer, and may also attack the player and zombies if they enter the wolf's territory.

Resources: Wolf Meat and Animal Fat.


Bears are predatory and highly protective animals. Bears hunt alone, and are very fast. If the player comes within 25 meters of a bear, it will stand up, warning the player not to come any closer. If the player comes within 15 meters of the bear, it will rush at the player and attack them.

Resources: Bear Meat and Animal Fat.


Deer are passive and evasive animals. Deer will move away if anything comes remotely close to them.

Resources: Venison, Deer Bladder and Animal Fat.


Rabbits are passive animals.

Resources: Rabbit Meat.

Planned/Speculated[edit | edit source]


Sheep are most likely going to be passive animals. A sheep has been seen once, for six seconds on the first livestream, where it was stuck in a running position.


Ravens are carrion birds. Ravens usually circle around corpses and feast on them.

They used to be in the game, but they have been temporarily removed due to the poor server performance they had on the game when it was first released.


Chickens are most likely going to be passive animals.

Rainbow Trout.png
Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trouts most likely going to be passive fish.

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