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Air drops are a feature in H1Z1. Players who have an airdrop ticket can call in an airdrop with it whenever they want in the core game, given that the server allows airdrops.

Airdrop Types[edit | edit source]

There are ten different care packages that the planes will drop, and some are more likely than others. They all have names and a specific set of items. These are only the initial changes to airdrops, but it's unclear what direction they might go.

Every crate, upon landing, explodes and spawns several zombies.

The Caveman[edit | edit source]

The Caveman airdrop contains a wooden bow, 2 bundles of wooden arrows, a torch, and a waist pack.

There is a 65% chance for an airdrop to be 'The Caveman' drop.

The Welder[edit | edit source]

The Welder airdrop contains a wrench, a hammer, 4 metal sheets, 2 pipes, and a weapon repair kit.

There is a 65% chance for an airdrop to be 'The Welder' drop.

The Medic[edit | edit source]

The Medic airdrop contains 2 first aid kits, ? bandages, 2 purified water, and 2 saline.

There is a 65% chance for an airdrop to be 'The Medic' drop.

The Demolition Man[edit | edit source]

The Demolition Man airdrop contains 2 IEDs, a lighter, a land mine, 2 flares, 2 smoke flares, and an ethanol.

There is a 65% chance for an airdrop to be 'The Demolition Man' drop.

The Builder[edit | edit source]

The Builder airdrop contains 20 nails, a furnace, 4 wood logs, 10 metal shards, 10 metal scraps, and a wood axe.

There is a 65% chance for an airdrop to be 'The Builder' drop.

The Farmer[edit | edit source]

The Farmer airdrop contains a ground tiller, 10 corn seeds, 10 wheat seeds, 10 fertilizer, and 5 purified water.

There is a 65% chance for an airdrop to be 'The Farmer' drop.

The Hiker[edit | edit source]

The Hiker airdrop contains a motorcycle helmet, a tan military backpack, some all purpose goggles, a set of binoculars, and a compass.

There is a 65% chance for an airdrop to be 'The Hiker' drop.

Life Of The Party[edit | edit source]

The Life Of The Party airdrop contains 5 IEDs, 20 swizzle, 15 moonshine, and 30 flares.

There is a 12.5% chance for an airdrop to be the 'Life Of The Party' drop.

The Hobo[edit | edit source]

'The Hobo airdrop contains a shotgun, 18 12 gauge shotgun shells, 2 moonshine, a torch, a spool of twine, and a bear sandwich.

There is a 10% chance for an airdrop to be 'The Hobo' drop.

The Lone Wolf[edit | edit source]

The Lone Wolf airdrop contains an M1911A1 pistol, 14 .45 rounds, 2 wood logs, a wolf sandwich, an animal trap, and 2 deer bladders.

There is a 10% chance for an airdrop to be 'The Lone Wolf' drop.

Controversy[edit | edit source]

There has been a lot of controversy over purchaseable airdrops. While it was made clear back in August 2014 that weapons and ammo would be in airdrops, it was also said that there would not be. This created a lot of confusion and frustration during launch. On January 17th, 2015, an apology was published on reddit in a news post by Adam Clegg (arclegger). The apology offers an explanation for the misunderstanding about weapons and ammo in airdrops and it is acknowledged that things were said that are untrue. However, it is true that you will not be able to buy guns or ammo from the Station Cash store.

In order to make things right, Sony Online Entertainment and Steam offered a no-questions-asked refund for anyone interested in one. The developers also changed airdrops so they're more difficult to get and more noticeable, maybe in hopes of attracting more players to them. It's uncertain how airdrops will change in the future.

Notes[edit | edit source]

On reddit, in a monetization post, they talked about the airdrop, which players can buy. It was discussed by the reddit members and John Smedley (SOE), that players probably will purchase these airdrops to add a little fun and carnage from time to time, rather than for the items inside.

There are also purchasable keys, needed from the Daybreak Cash store that open crates. These crates give players cosmetics, such as skins for shirts, pants and caps, or emotes.

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